We are a modern orthodox synagogue, centrally located in Southern Sydney. We draw our membership mostly from the St. George, Sutherland Shire and adjacent areas and being a warm and friendly community, welcome visitors and newcomers. For further details and history of our community go to Our Community.

Recent Articles

70th Anniversary Luncheon – 26 May 2013 | Rabbi Yosef Feldman’s Address

Welcome everyone to this very special 70th year anniversary celebration of our Shule. It’s especially great to see some old timers…who I haven’t seen for quite a while. 70 years is a real milestone. We all know of the expression from Psalms said at funerals “our days are of 70 years and if by reason…

Weekly Torah Reading

Torah Reading — 30 Sivan 5774 — 28 June 2014

Chukat: Numbers 19:1 — 22:1  פרשת חקת Suffering & Serpents The 21st chapter of B’midbar relates that the people complained to God that He had brought them into a wilderness where they had no food or water and were at death’s door. God then sent serpents to bite them. The people, in their pain, asked…

Torah Reading — 23 Sivan 5774 — 21 June 2014

Korach: Numbers 16:1 — 18:32  פרשת קורח Machloket Makers  When Korach mutinied, Moses “fell on his face” (Num.16:4). Says Rashi, “Because of machloket (disputes)”. We know that when scholars discuss and debate the Torah they put forward a range of interpretations. Sometimes their arguments become heated and noisy. Unpleasant scenes take place. Ugly things are…