This policy outlines the process for managing complaints received by Southern Sydney Synagogue and is designed to ensure that concerns raised are treated seriously, addressed promptly and fairly and that any learnings contribute to improvement of our operations.


This policy applies to complaints received by Southern Sydney Synagogue from its Members, members of the community, employees, suppliers and other related third parties. The policy covers formal, written complaints in relation to the following:

  • Actions or behaviours of Southern Sydney Synagogue;
  • Actions or behaviours of Board members, employees, members, contractors and volunteers of Southern Sydney Synagogue.

This policy does not apply to complaints made by employees of Southern Sydney Synagogue about their employment conditions which are covered by the applicable employment contract.


Southern Sydney Synagogue is committed to being a warm, welcoming and compassionate community and to having transparent and responsible governance of the congregation and financial accountability by its Board.  The elected Board are all volunteers who strive to make decisions in the best interest of the Synagogue and its members but realise that at times people may be dissatisfied with certain decisions or actions, or wish to raise a concern.  Therefore, we aim to ensure that:

  • Making a complaint is straightforward.
  • We treat a complaint as a clear expression of dissatisfaction or concern which calls for serious consideration and response.
  • We deal with it promptly, politely and, when appropriate, confidentially.
  • We respond in an appropriate manner – for example, with an explanation, or an apology where we have got things wrong, and information on any action taken.
  • We learn from complaints, use them to improve what we do, and review annually our complaints policy and procedures.


In the first instance, you are encouraged to speak with the President or any member of the Board to try and resolve the matter informally.

If the matter is not resolved informally, or you wish to proceed directly to a formal complaint, please  put your complaint in writing and send to:

The President, Dr George Foster Email: george@family-foster.com

Or, if you prefer, to:  

The Hon Secretary, Maureen Kam Email: secretary.s.s.syn@gmail.com

The complaints management process will be guided by the following principles:

  • The person making the complaint will be treated fairly and without fear of recrimination.
  • The complaint will be acknowledged within 5 business days of receipt.
  • We will attempt to provide a written response to all complaints within 21 days of receipt, (subject to all parties being available should a meeting or an investigation be required).
  • More complex complaints may require more time to investigate and in such circumstances we will communicate the revised timeframe expectations.

External Contact    

If for whatever reason, a person does not feel comfortable making a complaint to the President or Hon Secretary, they may contact, in writing, the CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, Mr Darren Bark.

Email: darren.bark@nswjbd.org.au

Please note that while Southern Sydney Synagogue is a constituent organisation of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, the NSW Board of Jewish Deputies has no legal control over the Synagogue.

Therefore, the CEO would need to refer the complaint back to the Board of Southern Sydney Synagogue for consideration and action.

The stated time frame for responses will apply from the date the Board is notified of the complaint received by the CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies.

 Approved by the Board: 18 May 2023

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