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Once again this officer thanks the Friendship Club members for their continuing help without which we could not function.  Everyone contributes what they are able to do, Raymond, Dawn and Dorothy prepare the food, Anita calls the Bingo and various others help clean up after lunch.  Raymond continues to be our stalwart food organiser and keeps the kitchen immaculate and the hall in order. And many thanks to the committee, Millie, Dawn, Bert, llse, Gitta and lan.  Ln particular thanks to Bert and Raymond who are responsible for opening and closing the Shule premises.

This club has met regularly each Wednesday from 10am to 2pm with an average attendance of sorne 12 people.  Our activities have been Rummy Tiles and Scrabble with a Bingo game each month.  Unfortunately, there has not been enough men to continue with the card game.  Our monthly bus trips per favour of Val Rubel and JewishCare have also been enjoyed.  Then there have been regular theatre parties to the Rockdale Guild Theatre on Sunday afternoons.

Special occasions celebrated have been an annual Saturday Shule Friendship Day Honour and we are looking forward to our Chanukah luncheon.  Several of our members have attended various functions at Club 50 and we are most grateful for their help with transport.  We acknowledge members’ birthdays and any special anniversaries and mitzvahs.  We all enjoy the friendly get together and tasty lunch.  Members are notified each month or so with a list of the upcoming dates and the programs organised.

And a special thanks to Millie for always having Birthday cards, gift vouchers, invitations and anything we need ready and to hand when needed.  Millie collects our fees and keeps our accounts.   As well, Millie submits articles promoting SSS to Or Hadash and the Keeping in Touch magazines.  Unfortunately Keeping in Touch is no longer being published.


As I have reported, our membership has not increased and so in order that we remain viable, our contribution to the Shule is the same as last year and it is my pleasure to again contribute this $S00.